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ALB Capital funding plans for private and institutional investors in order to build profitable photovoltaic power plants together with banks and financial institutions. Using renewable energy plays a key role in maintaining the ecological balance, while the democratisation or decentralisation of electricity generation ensures sustainable power supplies.

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ALB Impact

  • ALB Capital bought 8250 acres of land in Greece by acquiring 50% of L-Star, where L-Star 100% owns Mega Farm, and Mega Farm owns 16,500 acres (each acre is 1,000 Meter Square).

  •  ALB Capital bought 50% of “Modi” 437 MW PV Project in Greece, this project has an IRR of 8.78% and an equity IRR of 20.9%. 5731 m2 submitted to RAE, Around 4082 m2 of clean areas, Both Purchase and Lease Pre-agreements in the area, Neighbouring land plots also to be included in pre-agreements, Access to the road and 400 kV lines located nearby.

  • ALB is planning on starting an SPV in The USA Texas and New Jersey to develop PV Power Plants in the near future.

ALB Impact

ALB Future Impact

  • ALB Capital plans to invest in PV power plants in the GCC and MENA Region.

  • Potential Clients for ALB is:

    1. ENGIE Middle-East, South & Central Asia and Africa.

    2. AMEA Power, LLC.

    3. Clean Max.

    ALB Capital's main partner in investing for PV Solar Parks is Jarlen Investment.

ALB Future Impact
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